Padlómosó szett


Designed for maintaining specific levels of cleanliness in critical controlled environments

Superb absorbency, low linting and strong chemical resistance for critical cleaning environments

Laundered and prepared in class 10 cleanroom standards

Cleanroom class: 10 - 10,000

Electrostatic dissipative frame

Applications: Cleaning Walls, ceilings & windows in cleanroom and for industries such as the Semi-conductor industry, TFT LCD industry, Pharmaceutical, wafer fabrication lines, Biotechnology manufacturing industries, Optical fibres industries and Hospitals & Veterinary

Flat Frame size:10 x 40 cmmaterial:PP

Handlesize:Min.85cm / Max. 150cmmaterial:Stainless Steel

Microfibre Mop Headsize:11.5 x 40.5 cmmaterial:Micro / Polyester