GuardVipes törlőkendő 9'x9'

GuardWipes Aggressive száraz préselt törlőkendő 100 db-os csomagolásban
  • Strong and Durable Polyamide fabric with textured finish for aggressive cleaning properties
  • Clean packaged and double bagged in an ISO5 Cleanroom
  • Available sterilised by Gamma Irradiation
  • Manufactured from a melded nylon made to the following specifications:
  • Bi-component filaments of staple fibre, which go through a melded process.
  • These bi-components are comprised of a core of one polymer surrounded by a concentric sheath of a different polymer.
  • The nature of the two polymers is such that the sheath can be induced to melt whilst the core remains unaffected.
  • To produce the fabric, the fibres are laid on a moving belt to form a web, which is passed, through an oven (1) or between patterned calendar rollers (2).

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Egység a dobozban: 100 lap/csomag